say halo to your little friends

1, 2, 3, done

HaloLife App is the command centre of your halo. We designed it so you are always less than 3 clicks away from what you need.


Access hidden apps, check and top-up your telco and bank balances, manage your Pezos account, renewal of your Halo, cover yourself and family...


game is never over

400+ of high-quality addictive games without ads to disrupt you. HaloPlay is an exclusive gaming platform only available to halo members.

1. High quality.
2. As low as 2 pesos / day.
3. Download on wifi, play offline.
4. Community and leaderboards.
5. No ads.



a piece of cake

The Halo runs a good looking version of Android Pie. It also receives all the security updates for 2 years.

The beauty married the beast

when sh.. it happens

The Halo comes with the usual 1-year warranty but unfortunately that doesn't cover accidents of life. Did we give up? Nope. We partnered.

Protection against breakage or cyber crime? You got it.

For those with potential, not credential.
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