we only win when you do,
like true partners should


the value is at the core


The HaloLife business model was built to rebalance the value back to the national incumbents. We focus on increasing ARPU and engagement while reducing churn and acquisition costs. This is not done at customers' expense but by increasing share of wallet and rewarding their loyalty and trust.

We work on revenue-sharing and exclusivity models. depending on your country situation. We also adapt to your digital and operational priorities.



the future of fintech

HaloLife believes that the future of fintech is banking, but a modern form of it. On banks' digitalization journey, we care about making financial inclusion profitable for them and help them fight against deep-pocketed, loss-making attackers.


We work on several acquisition and revenue-sharing models depending on your priorities. We adapt to your processes to provide a seamless and engaging UX for our customers.


sdk / apk

join an ecosystem where you matter

The HaloLife works with a set of curated adtech/fintech sdks to enable targeting and scoring scenarios.

We also work on CPI, CPC and revenue share model with application developers.


Finally, we support promising artists and developers in co-marketing models.




The HaloLife provides advertisers and their media agencies with unique opportunities in terms of inventory and custom audience creation.

We work in compliance with Singapore-level data protection and privacy standards.

We take pride in disclosing to consumers what we do and how digital marketing works. Except boredom, there is no risk in explaining to a person we clustered them with 1,000 other "women with short hair that like sushi".