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Frequently Asked Questions

haloLife is disruptive, your questions are naturally welcome


Is HaloLife a legitimate company?

Absolutely, we are a fully registered Singapore company under The Halo Life (Private Limited). Our ACRA number is 201909660G. We are setting up a local entity for administrative purposes (tax, HR, logistics...). The relationship between HaloLife and customers are directly with the Global HQ.

It is too good to be true. What is the catch?

We heard this question several times so we decided to address this upfront. HaloLife is a smartphone OEM with a disruptive business model. We know how to keep production cost low enough to finance them with telco, bank and app revenue partnerships. The terms and conditions are barely new: a SIM-lock smartphone with a safety deposit.

Where are HaloLife offices / stores?

HaloLife's global headquarter is in Singapore. We are currently visiting various office in BGC (Manila) to have our team comfortably working near our customers and partners. To keep our cost structure low, we will only have service centres.


Is the Halo really a free smartphone?

Yes, the Halo is priceless. As explained in our model (cf. about page), we monetize the Halo through our partnerships with the bank, the telco and the various apps pre-installed onto the Halo.

How do you make money?

HaloLife makes money through revenue partnerships with bank, telco, insurer, and the app pre-installed onto the Halo.

Are your accessories free too?

No. We haven't been able to find a revenue-sharing model yet so we priced our premium accessories at a very seducing price. We don't make profit on accessories. We designed them to protect and enhance your Halo.


How long is the Halo warranty?

The Halo is covered by manufacturer (HaloLife) warranty for 12 months.

Where do I get my Halo serviced?

You will be able to submit a ticket online or by phone. Based on your issue, we will guide you to the nearest service centre.

Safety deposit

Why is there a safety deposit?

The Halo being a priceless phone, some users may decide to sell the phone for a profit. The safety deposit is here to protect us against these customers so we can keep our mission of providing free digital and financial inclusion in the Philippines.

How much is the safety deposit?

We haven't finalized the amount but we should be looking at P,5000 to P6,000 maximum.

How long will you keep the deposit for?

We are planning to return the safety deposit into your bank account by end of year 3.

What are the conditions that will void my safety deposit?

The safety deposit will be void if: 1) you no longer have your Halo at the end of the deposit period, or 2) your Halo SIM-lock has been removed, or 3) your Halo is no longer functioning due to users' negligence

Can I keep the Halo after I receive my safety deposit back?

Yes, of course.

Data privacy

Is the Halo safe and my personal data protected?

Absolutely. HaloLife runs Android Pie and all our applications comply with Singapore Personal Data Protection Act, the most advanced data protection laws in Asia Pacific.

Where is my personal data?

The personal data you shared with HaloLife is stored on our AmazonWebServices servers under the protection of our teams. The personal data you share with third-party applications (e.g. Google, Facebook, Whatsapp...) is managed by them, we are not involved in this and suggest you contact them directly if you want to know more about their data privacy and process.

What is HaloLife data privacy policy?

We are glad you care about this. In today's world, most users should care like you do. We have a full page answering the question: https://www.halo.ph/policies

Does HaloLife sell or share my personal data?

HaloLife is not selling your personal data. It is illegal to sell identifiable personal data without your expressed consent. You may help you share your personal data when you request it for financial product applications for instance. This is only done at your request. For more information about data privacy, please visit our dedicated page: https://www.halo.ph/policies

How do I access my personal data?

Your personal data is visible on your account profile: https://www.halo.ph/account/myhalo

How do I delete my account and all the data HaloLife has kept?

You can email us at members@halo.ph requesting us to delete your account. Please do so by email us from the email address associated with your account (we don't want someone else to abusively ask us to delete your account.


Am I (pre)registered?

All successfully registered members will receive a welcome email (please also check the "promotion" or "spam" folder).

Who can (pre)register?

All Filipino residents above 17 year-old can register for the Halo.

If I am registered, does it guarantee that I will receive the Halo?

No. Your registration is simply a proof of interest. It is not binding. This way, you can change your mind.

I am successfully registered, what's next?

Thank you for registering. We will continue the setup of our local operations and will reach out to you by email as soon as we are ready to open the application process. Thank you for baring with us a little longer. Welcome to the side of the angels.

What if I change my mind after I registered?

Registration is not binding. It simply shows you may have interest in the Halo and wanted to have priority access to it in the future.


What is a SIM-lock?

SIM-lock is a phone setting that allows only SIM cards from one operator to be functioning on a given smartphone. In other words, only the SIM cards of one telco will work on the Halo.

Why is the Halo SIM-locked?

This is the condition at which we receive a revenue from the operator to finance your Halo.

What top-ups and plans are available on the Halo?

All the normal and promotion top-ups / plans of the operation are available to Halo users. There is no extra cost or limits there. It is exactly like your current top-ups / plans.

Can I remove the SIM-lock?

You can remove the SIM-lock at your request but this will void your safety deposit.


Are the Halo specifications confirmed?

As of today, the specifications on our website are correct. The closer to the launch, new components are released so we might improve the Halo even further.

Who / where is the Halo designed and manufacturered?

The Halo is designed by our CEO and our hardware team. This means a collaboration between France, Italy, Singapore, Philippines and HongKong. To get the best prices, we assembled our smartphones in ShenZhen (China), like most companies these days.