you have a great future,

get used to it


3 steps to greatness

Apply to Halo with your ID
Get the bank response immediately
Receive your Halo and bank access at your home, directly

#lifecantwait so we keep it simple



you chose wisely

The Philippines have many good banks.

So who do we partner with? Naturally the best one that was genuinely interested in investing in your potential.

No opening fee
No minimum balance
No annual / monthly fee

Free debit card | Free credit card*
Free ATM withdrawals**
Free domestic e-transfers

This does NOT come with free food nor massages. For miracles, the job was already taken.

For the rest, there is HaloLife.


why we care

and why you should too

We could simply give you the Halo.
You're happy, we're happy. Everybody's happy.

So why on Earth do we bother?

Have you ever wondered why banks decline a car loan, a mortgage, or a good interest rate?

No / bad banking score.
By opening free banking services with great Filipino banks and making them easy to use, we encourage you to build your history with them.

Have you ever wondered how many successful people don't have a bank account and card?

We could go on and on with a list of why choosing a good and free digital bank is a no-brainer for convenience and social status.

For those with potential, not credential.
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